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The UT Bot indicator has rapidly become a favorite among traders, renowned for its precision and reliability in navigating the complexities of the market. Understanding the growing demand for tools that enhance trading efficiency, we developed the Ultimate UT Bot Screener. This innovative tool is designed to help traders track signals more effectively, manage execution across multiple instruments, and conduct extensive backtesting within TradingView.

With the Ultimate UT Bot Screener, traders gain a powerful ally that brings greater control and insight to their trading strategies. Whether you're looking to stay ahead of market movements or optimize your trades with detailed backtesting, our screener is your key to unlocking better performance and higher profits.


The UT Bot Screener allows you to monitor up to 40 instruments simultaneously, displaying useful information about UT Bot signals to enhance your trading decisions.

Signal Columns

  • Price - the last price of the instrument
  • UT Signal - last UT bot signal. Value in the square brackets ([3] for ex.) means how many bars ago the last signal fired.
  • Move To Revert - price move for the current bar we have to observe to see the UT Bot signal change.
  • Revert Prob - probability estimation for UT Bot to revert for the current bar.
  • Trade History - the last five trade outcomes are coded as green(profit)/red(loss) squares.

Backtesting columns

You can choose the number of trades and see a backtest for all 40 instruments simultaneously.

Here is the list of columns you can choose from for backtesting:

  • Total Trades - total trades number for UT Bot strategy for the entire available history.
  • Current P&L - P&L for the open trade
  • Trade Avg P&L - Average P&L for the last X trades
  • Trade Prof - percent profitable trades from the last X trades
  • Profit Factor - profit factor the last X trades
  • Net Profit - total net profit for the last X trades
  • Max DD - maximum drawdown for the last X trades
  • Avg Bars in Trades - average trade duration for the last X trades


In the screener, you can choose a combination of all columns and define a range of values for each of them:


In terms of alerts, you can choose one of the two types:

  • Only Symbols - list of filtered instruments, separated by a comma.
  • With Values - instruments together with all the values, it will look like a CSV file.


You can change quite a lot of the screener parameters in the screener.

UT Bot Parameters for all instruments at the same time:

Use any set of instruments:

Sorting by any column/direction:

Change the position and style of the screener:

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Frequently Asked Questions

How will I get access to the indicator?
After the purchase, you have to send me your email and TradingView username. You'll have access to the indicator at most after 24 hours after your purchase.
Will I have access to the source code?
No, the source code for the screener won't be available to you. If you want to change anything on the screener - contact us, we'll try to implement that.
Can I use more that 40 instruments in the screener?
Unfortunately, there is no way around this hard limitation in TradingView. It's because of the Tradingview limit on using request.security() function. However, you can set up multiple alerts on different sets of parameters in Tradingview and/or place a few indicators in the different places of your chart.
I want the same screener but for a different indicator, can I have it?
Contact us, and we'll consider doing this for you.

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